"THE HIDEAWAY"- holiday accommodation in South West Wales

THE HIDEAWAY - Covid Changes


Additional Information relating to COVID 19

We are taking precautions relating to the Coronavirus epidemic to ensure that both you and us are safe.


We will maintain social distancing at all times.


Cleaning will be given particular attention to areas where handling is prevalent such as work surfaces, door handles, light switches etc. including shower area.


There will be a change of bedding, towels as normal, but this will be cycled between every other booking to make sure there is no possibility of any virus transmission.

You may wish to bring your own bedding and towels if you prefer.


There will be anti-bacterial soap dispensers purely for your use, along with anti-bacterial wipes.


Additionally, we will be leaving 3 whole days in between bookings.


Regrettably we will be removing books, DVD’s and other such items that would normally be provided.

You may wish to bring your own DVD's.


We have made a wipe clean, abbreviated copy of pages for the Combination Microwave Oven and TV/DVD player pages, but please see links to full copies:


Our Hideaway Manual/Guide

Combination Microwave Oven

TV/DVD Player


Also, we are sad to say that the Summer House will be off limits while social distancing measures are in place.

We also have had to remove the usual Tea, Coffee and Sugar Canisters for the time being.


However, we will still provide free range eggs (when available), milk and welsh cakes on arrival, so not all gloomy news!!



We would like your help in making sure we are all safe. 

·        We have a septic tank for waste, so please do not put anything down the toilet except toilet paper. This is particularly important as the anti-bacterial wipes will block the tank.


·        Could windows be opened when you are there, and when weather permits, with special attention to the small window in the bedroom/shower area. This will make sure the property is well ventilated. Could we also ask that windows be left open on departure please?


·        Could you please strip bedding and put this, along with towels, in black bags provided?


·        Could all rubbish be placed in the relevant bins outside please?



We appreciate your help in making this a safe stay for both yourselves and other holidaymakers.


We do hope you understand the need for the additional precaution that are in place during this pandemic, and it does not detract from you enjoying your stay.



What to do if a guest develops or arrives with COVID-19 symptoms


● According to Hospitality guidelines, if a guest presents themselves with symptoms or Covid-19 or is asymptomatic but declares the need to self-isolate, they should be advised to check out and return home to self-isolate according to current government guidance. If the guest has acute symptoms, has breathing difficulties, or their life is at potential risk, seek medical help immediately. Call NHS Direct for further advice on what action to take in the event of a known or suspected case of Covid-19 within the premises.

● Be aware that guidance can change, so always check the government sites if a case arises in your business.

● It is understood that if anyone staying in the property contracts the virus, they will immediately inform their host/manager who can inform of the next steps to be taken. Steps that should be taken on hearing of an infection:

● If property has main door entrance and therefore no further risk to neighbours then the guest should just follow standard self-care methods and in addition, refrain from putting out any rubbish. All rubbish should be double bagged and stored safely for 72 hours before being thrown out. Alternatively, it should be placed in a suitable outdoor bin for removal.